Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's been a long time :(

Fuji here again

It is winter here now and it is stormy and wet and windy Outside so there is not much to do in the Hunting department at the moment. Mum spends lots of time hunting though. She is looking for Jagr who has gone walkabout for five weeks now... He has us all very worried and we use the intertubes to help look for him but I think he is probably not in the intertubes at all. I think he is crazy - it so yukky Outside at the moment, he should come home cos we have new games and nest places and nip and everything here. Mum is very sad.

Anyway if I was stuck out in the Outside I would be zzzzeding hard out in some sheltered place and Mum wouldn't find me anyway... maybe Jagr is doing that. I bet he is secretly sneaking into people's houses and sleeping on their beds and stealing their cat's grub! yeah he'll get seen and told on and Mum will find him I bet.

Everybody else is doing ok, and I'm looking after Mum as best as I can. She hasn't been doing her proper job as flashy box user so I can't put up any pics this time... :(


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