Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fuji here...

Well I'm a bit fed up with Jagr. He has gone and forgotten about his responsib writir job with this blog and is enjoying the sun of summer. Typical male.  So I will get some action going and show who is the real talent in this household.

My name is Abyrose Fuji Wonderbar the Magnificent. AKA Evil One, Grumpy, Crazy, and The Thief. I'm an Ocicat and a Lady of the Hunt. I have to share my realm with the 3 boys of the house but I'm Top Cat.

I have many hobbies including:

1. Guarding my estate from Interlopers
2. Hunting the mices and other interesting toys that live in the Outside
3. Releasing said mices and toys into the Inside for hunting Late At Night
4. Snopervising
4b Stealing Finding new toys and bringing them home
5. Looking after Mum
5b Patrolling the roof
6 (New job) Teaching the kitten to Behave
7. Modelling in Photoshoots

I am mostly a stay at home girl who likes hunting in my own backyard. Since we live in New Zealand we don't have snakes or anything poisonous here so I don't have to worry about much. My Dad came from America where its big and dangerous so I'm glad he made it over here ok.

Recent mews... Christmas and The New Year happened recently.  I think you might have heard about it. Over here it is always hot and sunny and good Outside time. At night horrible mean people let off firecrackers which are really scary, so I don't like that part of things much at all. Mum always calmly tells me it will Be Alright, and that makes me feel better hearing her voice, but I still slink off to a hiding place, then come out for cuddles. Mum told me a story of The great Mouser Cat who was a Cat That Came Before, who used to sit outside and watch the fireworks with Mum and would be really grummpy if she didn't trust him to be Outside while firecrackers were lit by Mum and friends.

I find it a bit hard to believe that story really because Mum would NEVER let off firecrackers and make scary noises, surely?

Before Christmas happened we had a spell of cold weather and everyone had to cuddle up on the sofa together cos No one would turn on the heater.

This is me snuggling. Firestorm the kitten is behind me absolutely freezing so much he has turned backward or sumthing. Silly kitten. As you can see I am correctly positioned so I look adorable for the Photoshoot.

Anyway gotta go, Mum needs the computer for an essay... See ya friends and meurps and purrs to you!

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  1. Hey, Fuji. You look all comfy snuggling into that blanket. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. There are lots of friendly kitties here.